Grant Application

Grant applications for the 2019-20 School year have already been submitted. Please check back in the Spring for more information about our next submission period.

Donors Choose

We are currently seeking donors for our 2019-20 school year grant applications. We are asking our local businesses to sponsor a grant by wholly or partially funding a specific grant application. All donations go directly to programs in District schools and benefit so many children.

We appreciate the support from our community and the impact you have in our children’s education. Below are grants from last year's drive.

District Wide

Turning the Corner to S.T.E.A.M.

Goal: $1,250 | Status: Funded

This grant will allow our 2nd-5th grade Art and PLTW teachers to collaborate together and create STEAM lessons using Spheros. Spheros can be used to teach coding to all ages. Using the coding skills, students can test their success of coding using paint. Including Art in STEM makes the learning more enjoyable for younger students and allows students to learn things in a more open-ended way.

Noise Cancelling Earmuffs for Music/Orchestra and P.E.

Goal: $620 | Status: Funded

Music and PE classes can be some of the loudest places in school. This grant would ensure all students, including those with sensory issues, feel comfortable in these classrooms. Your donation would allow us to purchase 44 sets of earmuffs and be distributed to 11 different learning spaces in our district.

Creation Stations

Goal: $920 | Status: Funded

This grant would allow our Kindergarten and 1st grade Art teachers at all schools to create hands on stations. These stations will use Crayola digital tools for students to engage in exploration and imaginative play at least once per month.

Book Bag Kids

Goal: $500 | Status: Funded

This grant would go towards the purchase of licensing rights for take home book bags bundle and take home book bags STEAM bundle. This will allow us to create take home books bags in all of our libraries. Allowing teachers and students to check them out, they allow for families to learn together and create life-long readers.

Antioch Upper Grade School

Staying Animated While Getting Into Shape

Goal: $792 | Status: Funded

Funding this grant will allow the purchase of OmniGeometry software license for the entire Graphic Arts class. OmniGeometry will utilize the Elements of Art and introduce 6th grade students to animation.

S.T.E.M. Car Racers

Goal: $560 | Status: Funded

This grant would allow the STEM teacher to purchase balsa wood cars for all students to build. After learning about aerodynamics, rotational movement, friction, and force the students will design and create their own car.

Warrior Run

Goal: $1,000 | Status: Seeking Funding

AUGS Physical Education department hosts The Warrior Run each year that will assess students ability to run the mile within the goal time they created themselves. This grade will help cover costs necessary to allow all AUGS students to be a part of The Warrior Run.

Hillcrest Elementary

Flexible Seating

Goal: $260 | Status: Seeking Funding

Flexible seating provides additional opportunities for students to execute and perform daily tasks in a more independent environment being able to choose their seating of choice. This grant will allow for the purchase of lap desks, clipboards, and Scoop Rockers for this Kindergarten classroom.

Magnetic Dry Erase Board for Active Engagement of At-risk Students

Goal: $75 | Status: Funded

This purchase would allow our reading interventionist to have her own magnetic dry erase board to use with students for the Reading Horizons program. Students K-5 will be able to stand and use the board promoting active engagement in their learning.

Writing Right Kits

Goal: $550 | Status: Funded

The intent of the Writing Right Kit grant initiative is to provide resources and support kindergarten teachers/students to bolster skills required for hand writing tasks. Each kindergarten teacher will be provided a container of supplies and strategies to use for students during hand writing tasks, center activities, or within instruction periods.

Oakland Elementary

Flexible Seating for S.T.E.M./P.L.T.W. Room

Goal: $413 | Status: Seeking Funding

This grant would allow the STEM teacher to purchase 6-scoop rockers and 10-portable lap desks. This would enable students K-5 to choose seating that supports their spatial needs and provide support for working on the floor with their STEM activities.

Math Enrichment/MathExtension Projects for Enriched Math

Goal: $420 | Status: Funded

Receiving this grant would allow this first grade math enrichment teacher the opportunity to purchase materials in order to challenge, engage, and extend students thinking and reasoning. The grant money would go towards the purchase of math manipulatives and materials for guided math lessons.

Math Enrichment for Students

Goal: $300 | Status: Funded

This project is necessary in order to give enriched math students in first grade the challenge they need to succeed at a higher level. The materials will allow students to work on concepts with more depth and see them from a different perspective. It will allow the teacher to purchase math games that will encourage students to explore and problem solve while doing the activities.

Osmo Genius Starter Kits

Goal: $321 | Status: Funded

This grant will enable this kindergarten class to purchase 3- Osmo genius starter kits. The Osmos will enrich learning in math, reading, fine motor skills as well as STEM. They give tactile and visual learners a hands-on opportunity to expand their learning.

W.C. Petty Elementary

Becoming a Published Author

Goal: $1,240 | Status: Funded

This grant will provide these teachers the opportunity to turn their students into published authors. Throughout the year this kindergarten and third grade classroom are working together as reading buddies. As a culmination project students will write and illustrate a book with their reading buddy that will be sent off and officially published. Each student will receive a copy of their book.

Flexible Seating

Goal: $200 | Status: Funded

This fifth grade teacher is seeking additional sturdy options to add flexible seating into her classroom. This will allow her to buy tall stools as well as short stools for her various tables. One of the main benefits is student choice. Flexible seating also helps increase a sense of community and increases student collaboration.

Flexible Seating

Goal: $390 | Status: Seeking Funding

This second grade teacher is hoping to create a classroom environment that will help foster a love of learning and meet her students high energy needs. Allowing students a choice and the opportunity to be comfortable throughout the school day will help increase students focus and production.

Digital Learning with Osmo

Goal: $1,644 | Status: Seeking Funding

This grant would go towards the purchase of new iPad cases and Osmo bases that can be used with the students iPads and Osmo games. Osmo games are an exciting, interactive way to practice early learning skills in the areas of math and literacy.

Thank You to Our Donor's Choose Corporate Sponsors